Services that are available in website, are presented By Albama trade group , Terms & conditions listed in this section, Include all subsets of the website , in first step , the use of this website infact , will be the acceptance of all the provisions of the Future agreement , it is noteworthy that all the principles & rules of Albama trade group is in accordance with the rules of Islamic Republic of Iran , Ecommerce & consumer law . Users are obliged to observe the related rules . the rules contained in this page is subject to change Overtime , this change is inserted & updated on this same page . The responsibility of studying & knowing these changes is with users , In the case of not agreeing to these terms , the use of website services is not possible.

Article1- the agreement parties

This agreement is between on oneside Albama trade group in address, Tabriz , valiasr ,Qanoun st. Jazire complex , first floor , no3 & internet users on the other side as buyers & sellers . Albama trade group is nominated albama site or albama group herein after in this agreement .

Article 2- the subject of agreement

The subject of agreement is to create and provide a secure network where internet usrs with the use of the facilities , and services of Website to buy or pre-order the product , internet users could anywhere in Iran , identify desired product anywhere in the world By sending its internet link to albama website , or choosing product In albama site according to the terms of this agreement & invoices sent , supplying the goods or services with the use of over a Specified period of time . albama has the sole responsibility of payment & shipping coordination . Technical confirm or deny , Assessment & advice regarding goods , website & sellers are not our services , albama disclaims any responsibility in this regard.


Any commercial use of this website is prohibited unless authorization is received in writing . The content provided in this site is purely Informational & all products offered belong to suppliers and vendors. Also the comments registered on website belong to the users & donot Reflect the views of albama . some of the services provided on the site requires a user registration . with user registration , you agree to provide accurate & credible information from yourself , and if any Changes occur , to update this information . Each member of this site is solely responsible for keeping his/her username & password , and Personally is responsible for any activity under its username .

Article 3 – the validity period of the agreement

This agreement from when the user agrees to it , until when for one of Contract or law reasons to be terminated , is valid .

Article 4- Agreement conditions

1-4 - User membership

about natural persons only persons 18 years and Older could be a member of the albama & as buyer use its services . Legal entities that registered in the offices of non-trade Iranian companies & institutions can be a member of this site & use Its services .

4-2 - Determine the username & password

Albamas membership is free , for using the site services , user must Determine username & password and its confirmation by site, the user becomes a member & the responsibility of all the users works Done in site is with themselves, otherwise user cannot use the site services , any use is in mean of albamas rights ignorance & it will be prosecuted .albama site is allowed to take information direct or indirect to confirm user identity . asking from user itself for taking completing information , asking for email confirmation , inquiry & Search for the properly related information about the cards , or introduced bank accounts will be considered some examples of this.

3-4 -Required information for membership

When user registers for using site services , gives information to albama site about name ,address , phone no , Email address , Identification card no, & resident address , until when he remains as The customer of albama group , information regarding the status of an account , kind of services & system work will be managed . Albama users must inform albama any change in phone or address , Obviously , if any error is seen in address or phone of user account, It will be suspended . in any case ,when albama feels the need to identify the user more precisely , Reserves the Right that further evidence is needed , before offering his services . Accuracy of the information provided on the site is the responsibility of User . this Information is the main basis for the provision of services , if Interruption in services is occurred because of incomplete data provided by the user , albama doesnot have any responsibility about The services provided ,and the user undertakes responsibility for any losses to albama.

4-4 - The security of Users information

Albama will not put the users personal data at the disposal of third Parties without the consent of the entities , unless in any cases that the law legally permits supplying them to authorities . obviously this Case doesnot apply in relation to information that is publicly available. Protection of personal information for albama , includes basic & professional principles .personal information will be stored and protected on albamas secure servers .

5-4- Cancellation or suspension or revocation of membership

User at any time by visiting contact page could request for cancellation of membership , albama inactivates that users account , But doesnot delete from its databases . this is done in order to keep the users details & transactions . with abolition of membership , site Will keep all the funds self taught , until decision made . the user Even after revocation of membership , will be responsible to the Commitments previously undertaken for transactions registered. If the user is set to perform operations outside of the rules & regulation , site will be allowed without previous warning , to suspend User membership or cancel it , & will be dealt with in accordance with Laws & regulations .user by accepting this agreement , agrees to Fulfill commitments contained in rules & regulations . by accepting This agreement albama is allowed in the event of any fraud , Unauthorized order , or explore the possibilities of fraud , to suspend User membership & in this regard, the user will have no right to object.

6-4 - Albama actions and powers

Albama is independent to outage limit or cancel supplying its services To users , also if on the base of reasons & conclusive evidence , it Becomes clear that user is involved in prohibited activities and Transactions or unauthorized goods , in order to prevent occurring losses to users , third parties & albama, will do following probable Actions: stop transactions , suspend or limiting user access to the site Or cancelling membership,correct inaccurate information that has been given to site , informing customers , bank & other users about the activities of wrongdoer user ,refusing to provide future services , Prosecution , disconnect services or limiting access to user panel , Site deserves the right at its discretion without prior notice , to end This agreement or disconnect user access to site .

7-4 - publishing content

Whatever is placed on the website , including questions , reviews, Comments & suggestions will be at the disposal of albama , when the Comments registered on the site , in fact , it will be agreeing to display it in the name of the provider , users must not use invalid name or email address , otherwise albama could delet the user account .

8-4 - prohibited activities exchange & goods

all links posted by users Should comply with Islamic Republic of Iran & international customs & postal laws , and responsibility for illegal and banned request is for Users incumbent .in the event of identifying unauthorized order, Albama at every stage of the purchase process has the right to stop And cancel the prohibited & illegal order and can report the matter to the competent authorities . inserting any content immoral and contrary to national and religious affairs is banned in albama . Responsibility for any violation in this regard is for information importer. Where in accordance with this agreement applies to prohibited activities , transactions & goods , doesnot lie in site support coverage .

9-4 - order acceptance and pricing

If the order will not be processed for several reasons , website reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order at any time . Albama is committed to further clarify the terms of the transaction And in all sincerity specifies for his users , although there is a possibility of error , in this case , albama contacts with users , & put The updated information at their disposal & if necessary will cancel the order . colour , size , model , date , items , packaging & all order options will be made according to customers order register . In cases where an error occurs in providing information for registration , there is no responsibility for site , also when error is made by seller in sending order legally , site has no responsibility . When users ask for sending cargo by free cheap long time delivery posts as china post , as for low tracking system of these posts , albama will take no responsibility in any potential loss of order & declaring exact product status .it is suggested as possible with spending more cost to use more qualify posts . About buying from Aliexpress site , pay attention to credit of sellers, If sending cargo by cheap posts & without valid tracking is chosen as Mentioned in previous article & albama doesnot receive cargo in specified time , responsibility is with seller & is out of albamas control, in this case albama use free the available mechanisms in this Site for customer adjudication & outcome maximum in 90 days , Will be informed to user .

10-4 - Albama group Tariff services

1-10-4- albamas charge for service is quantification of the percentage of the product price in Rial , weight order , type of order , purchase origin country

2-10-4 , all products offered by sellers on foreign sites , have been Grouped in albama site , & for each group of goods , according to the Origin sales and the complexity of its supply , a percentage has been specified that this percentage is the basis of calculation in paragraph 1-10-4 , of this memorandum .

11-4 - Customs & clearance

Unless the items that include exception , & in proforma invoice will be Informed to user , always payment of custom duties & related paperwork is for albamas responsibility , and all the costs will be included in the price stated in the proforma invoice . Due to the possibility of opening the packages at customs , delivery of Goods in sealed and unopened packaging is not guaranteed , although It is rare to happen . albama reserves the right to open any package at any time of order for any reason .

12-4- Terms of returning the goods

Pay close attention in sending the link & order , in many cases , returning the goods is not economical . if the ordered item is sent by Seller in mistake , albama is not found legally responsible for this mistake , although albama beyond its legal responsibility relying on Knowledge , experience and available resources will try for supporting & customer adjudication and in most the whole or part of the damages that is received from seller & retuned to the user identically.

13-4- Delivery time

Time delivery of each order before receiving the Rial amount will be Announced to customer in invoice that in most cases are 10 to 15 Working days , working day is without considering Thursday , Friday, And official holidays domestic or foreign . Criterion is the proximal date when customer pays Rial , only in cases that checking & shipping time by seller in abroad is more than 3 days , criterion for proximal date is when albamas agent in abroad receives the goods & not at the time of Rial payment by customer in Iran . Due to the nature of commercial activity rarely encounter with unplanned delays in postal or clearance operations , that is out of Albamas control & may displace few days the committed delivery time .in these cases , user disclaims & waives its right to protest and Do legal action .

Article 5 - Settlement of Disputes

If a difference happens between user & albama , albama will try to Resolve it by fairly low cost and without the need for law enforcement , when a difficult occurs , at first step albama will try to resolve that difference at the earliest time after being announced by User , & without the need for law enforcement . in the event of any Dispute relating to the interpretation of the provisions of its memorandum , parties first try to resolve the dispute by negotiation , If it doesnot resolve , the case will be managed by the dispute Resolution Board including buyer , albamas agent & representative Consensual . in case of unresolved negotiations in 14 days & if any of Parties doesnot introduce its representative in 7 days upon other partys request or they could not choose consensual agent , law Enforcement will take action & its issued final verdict binding on the parties . in case of a dispute , when parties agree , both parties carry out their initial obligations according to the agreement continue to resolve the dispute , otherwise until full settlement of dispute , obligations of the parties will be stopped .

Article 6 - Rights and ownership of the site

Albama.Ir Domain , albama name , logo & other trademarks , products & services listed on the site belongs to albama trade group , without written consent , designed to copy and use any of the above will be banned , in addition , documents , agreements , forms , requests , Header layout pages , the graphics, buttons , all contents of the web information , design , texts , graphic , software , photo , video , audio files , etc . also software codes is in exclusive possession of albama . Without written consent , copying it is prohibited .ownership & albama website all rights interests & its content exclusively belong to Albama trade group also all web content is subject to copy right law .

Article 7- Terms of unresponsibility & lack of guarantees

1-7 - terms of unresponsibility

Site and none of the main organs or its subsidiaries in any way , Is not responsible for any incidental unpredictable or consequential loss of profit to the users . albama responsibility & its staff is limited to direct and immediate damage incurred to the users , with proving site delinquency .if it proves incurring damage was the result of neglect , delinquency or Breach of legal obligations or user agreement , or was from side sellers , site will be no responsible for paying any Compensation . also , if specified that in case of forcemajeure force Causing damage site will not be responsible .

2-7- Content publication

By accepting this agreement users accept site has no responsibility about allegations , alleged misleading content , harmful & offensive subjects in site , it is obvious that when seeing any kind of immoral information , illegitimate & abnormal , this information will be deleted from site .

3-7- Probable damages

Site has no responsibility over the loss or damage resulting from the performance of the group & staff for members , and the maximum damages payable will be equivalent to the fees for the services provided to the party claims .

4-7- Deductions

Albama about the correctness of users comments of the deductions such as taxes , fees & other legal claims that accrue to sums received or paid has no responsibility & isnot due to pay this deductions .

5-7- lack of guarantees

Site provides its services only under the conditions stated in this agreement , and doesnot accept any additional guarantees & conditions and doesnot guarantee that the buyer or seller adheres to all deal provisions.

6-7- Force majeure conditions

Practicing the provisions of this agreement in circumstances beyond the will such as disconnected internet & force majeure , natural disaster as Flood , Earthquake , thunderbolt , Fire ,etc . will be excluded . this agreement in 12 articles has reached to user sight , And with the approval at the time of membership , since then , Unconditional acceptance of this agreement will be in force .

Article 8 – Agreement modification

The possibility of review or correction the details of the agreement has existed over the time , having done this , the revised version has been located on site , & from the time of inserting will be effective to All member users .

Article 9 - limited goods

The list of kinds of goods whatever the reason for getting order is there limitation set forth below , it should be noted that this list follows the rules of import of the customs of the Islamic republic of Iran & approved by the Islamic consultative assembly .

1-10- prohibited goods based on Islamic law & rules

2-10- prohibited goods under the customs Tariff or acts relying on law

3-10- weapons of all kinds , gunpowder , detonators,bullet , & other arsenal , Dynamite and explosives Except to acknowledge & agreement of the ministry of Defence & armed forces logistics .

4-10- Drugs and psychotropic substances of all kinds Except with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Medical education in each case.

5-10- Transmitters of all kinds and parts of them except with the consent of the ministry of communications and information technology in any case .

6-10- Apparatus for aerial photography and filming except to acknowledge & agreement of the Ministry of Defence & armed forces logistics .

7-10- eavesdropping systems , small transmitters & recorders , tiny Hyper metropic & microphones , with the ability to spy ,and specific and cover transmitters with high speed ,types of product or system Capable of monitoring and surveillance systems communication , wired and wireless monitoring , encoding systems which are used to spy targets , Except with the consent of the Ministry of information in each case .

8-10- Recorded audio and video carriers contrary to public order or public morals or countrys official religion , in recognition of the Ministry of culture and Islamic Guidance .

9-10- Book , newspaper , magazine , sign , any written text in contrary to public order or public morals or countrys official religion in recognition of the ministry of culture and Islamic Guidance .

10-10- Goods or sign a statement in contrary to public order or public morals or countrys official religion , on their own or on their wrapper or in documents relating to them .

11-10- Foreign banknotes out of the flow of law , banknotes , stamp & Banderol labels & lottery Ticket ( lottery) .

12-10- Goods with address or name or mark or other specifications on the product or their wrapper , in order to provide the means to deceive the buyer & consumer towards producer or place of manufacture or the properties or the main characteristics of the product .

Footnote, goods that have been diminished with customs supervision and approval is excluded from the inclusion of the above paragraph .

13-10- closed & prohibited goods under special laws .