About Us

Albama Trading Group as an online shop with a focus on providing a platform for international trading has started its activities. Albama on the eve of starting with a range of different services for different segments of society and every level of the business community of the country for their customers evokes enjoyable experience in a trade or international transport.

Three important principles that albama group tried to Adhere From the first day of its establishment, And by observing these principles constantly has added new fields to its sphere of its activities in the field of trade , industry & transportation. These 3 principles contains:

  • 1. professional & right consultancy
  • 2. guaranteed best price
  • 3. providing support services

Range to the extent of albama’s business services comes at the following:

  • buy & supply cargo and equipment , inspection services in origin , customs clearance services , specialized import of equipment , business consultancy services , currency transfers , Electronic payments, sourcing & introducing suppliers and export marketing
  • transportation services , heavy items Air transport , pickup product of origin warehousing
  • customs clearance services , clearance on imam khomeini international airport , clearance in the countrys south customs & Tehran customs , obtain import & clearance licenses, order registration

Albama trading group in the years of starting activities with focusing on providing services & optimized use of cyberspace trying to provide appropriate services to customers & dear Iranians

The title of the works we do!

نمایش کالا به مشتری
show the product to the customer

انتخاب و خرید کالا
choos and by product

خرید از طریق آلباما
buy through us

تحویل کالا به مشتری
delivery of product to the customer